Food Truck Fridays

For June 16th

83rd Ave & Olive at Pioneer Park Splash Pad

  • Poke Maki
  • Queso Good
  • Cheese Love and Happiness
  • Mein Man (NEW TRUCK)
  • Quickies Mobile Food
  • Burger Passion
  • Saffron Jak Original Stone Bread Pizzas
  • American Poutine
  • Fantasy Funnel Cake
  • Que Chevere (NEW TRUCK)
  • Kicks Frozen Yogurt and Sorbe (NEW TRUCK)
  • VooDoo Dogs
  • Enjoy rides on the barrel train, play at the splash pad, enjoy the playground, fish in the lake or bring your 4 legged family to the dog park!
    Enjoy music by our awesome DJ while you eat your dinner under the stars!

    Future Line-ups – Growing Every Day!

    June 23rd – 83rd ave and Olive 6-10pm

    • Qup BBQ
    • Gorilla Cheese
    • Soda Rush
    • Saffron Jak original stonebread pizza
    • Satay Hut
    • Happy Honu Shaved ice
    • White eyes Fry Bread
    • Whitty’s Chicken and Fish
    • Waffle Love
    • Off the Hook Fish Taco Truck
    • Circle R Farm
    • Guiseppe’s Espresso Ice
    • Oh so good mini Donuts

    June 30th 83rd ave and Olive – 6-10p

    • Boba Love AZ
    • Cleveland Corned Beef Co
    • Enchilada Plus
    • Chef Wades’ Bistro on wheels
    • Forefather’s Cheesesteaks
    • Burger Passion
    • Leafy Sea Dragon (VEGAN)
    • Big Red Pizza Wagon
    • Scookie Bar
    • Ice Cream Love AZ
    • K Star BBQ
    • Guiseppes Espresso Ice

    July7th 6-10pm at Pioneer Park 83rd ave and Olive

    • Gorilla Cheese
    • Qup BBQ
    • Burgers Amore
    • Cousin’s Maine Lobster
    • Happy Honu Shaved ice
    • Flyin Hawaiian
    • Costantino’s Italian Kitchen
    • Fantasy Funnel Cake
    • Chef Wade’s Bistro on wheels
    • oh so good mini donuts
    • Soda rush
    • Mein Man
    • voodoo dogs

    July 14th 6-10pm 83rd ave and Olive

    • Queso Good
    • Tots n Tots of Burgers
    • Saffron Jak original stonebread pizzas
    • American Poutine
    • Off the hook taco truck
    • Waffle Love
    • 2 Fat guys grilled cheese
    • DGP Frybread
    • Happy Honu Shaved ice
    • Que Chevre
    • Boomers Gourmet Cheesesteaks